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Brochure online studio

Since the academic year 2009/10 online audio and video broadcasts of teachers tutorials were started in local SSU learning centers. Beginning in September 2009 more than 200 online-tutorials were held .
On the seventh of October, 2010 in the Regional Centre of SSU distance learning grand opening of specialized online – studio was held. This studio provides:

  • online-tutorials and classes for students of part-time and distance learning forms;
  • two-way audio and video contact of teacher and students;
  • unlimited using of the virtual sensor board for virtual presentations and virtual demonstrations;
  • record and online broadcast of training videos.
About 4 teachers can work simultaneously in the studio. Each workplace is soundproofed, equipped with communications tools with local distance learning centers.

In the automated SSU distance learning system the mechanism of video materials allocation and using was developed .

Video materials are created in such way that students are enable not only to hear and to see the teacher, but also to observe all actions that teacher operates on the computer during distance course demonstration, explanations how to work with him, giving classes.

Today in distance learning system about 100 educational video reports have been placed.

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